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Young Driver Car Insurance News

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Young Driver Safety: a New Government Green Paper

Young Driver Safety - a New Government Green Paper The government has announced they will publish a Green Paper on young driver safety in the spring of 2013.  The announcement has been welc... more


Young driver car insurance prices start to level out

Young driver car insurance prices start to level out The average price of a comprehensive car insurance policy rose by 2.7% in the second quarter of 2011, down from a rise of 3.8% in the previo... more


Why Pay for Car Insurance?

Why Pay for Car Insurance? It's that time of year again, you sit there and ask yourself why? Yes thats right your car insurance is up for renewal yet again. Why should I pay f... more


Why is performance car insurance so expensive?

Why Performance Car Insurance is More Expensive Why exactly is performance car insurance more expensive? Insurers are looking at a number of risk factors, as explained below. Stack those up... more


Whiplash drives car insurance up

Car Insurance Driven Up by Whiplash & Ambulance-Chasing Lawyers  Car insurance is being driven up by whiplash claims and ambulance-chasing lawyers, a report by MPs has found. During the... more


Whiplash Compensation

Whiplash Compensation Whiplash injuries cost the British insurance industry up to £1 billion a year. Many claims are fraudulent, but whiplash is difficult to prove; it's relatively e... more


We Insure that young drivers have a laugh

Funny Motoring Stories from Around the World The world of car insurance isn't always as dry as you might imagine. We ensure you have a laugh with these amusing motoring stories from around ... more


Virtual Driving brought to the classroom

Virtual Driving Brought to the Classroom Young people are being given the opportunity to hone their driving skills in a new computer-based brain-training package now offered in more than 200 sc... more


Uninsured Drivers in Trouble

Uninsured Drivers in Trouble? It seems that the government is finally considering doing something about uninsured drivers through tougher penalties and possible prison sentences for persistent ... more


The Pass Plus Driving Certificate

The Pass Plus Driving Certificate Car insurance companies around the UK are delighted at the recent efforts regarding measures to encourage safer driving. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has put... more


The Most Common Causes of Accidents?

The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents We thought in this article we'd outline some of the most common causes of accidents on the roads today. If you're guilty of any of these perhaps... more


The Difficulty For Young Drivers Getting Car Insurance

The Difficulty For Young Drivers Getting Car Insurance It has become even harder in recent times to get young drivers car insurance in the UK. The main reason for this if you look at the statis... more


Teenage boy drivers get to drive as fast as they want!

Teenage boy drivers get to drive as fast as they want! Cheap car insurer specialists such as 4 Young Drivers normally tell you that it's sensible to drive within the laws of the land and i... more


Teen Driver Safety

Teen Drivers - Helping Parents Keep Young Drivers Safe If you are the parents of a teenager who has recently started driving, a new era of worry has probably begun for you. As your child begins on ... more


Speed Cameras Go Mobile

Speed Cameras Go Mobile Police chiefs have started campaigning for laws to be relaxed on where mobile speed camera units can be placed. At present they can only be placed in areas where there i... more