Uninsured drivers targeted by "Gone in Seconds" campaign

New figures have shown a rise in the number of uninsured motorists on UK roads, after a decade of decline, with a third of all uninsured drivers aged under 30.  A national awareness campaign launched by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) hopes to persuade young drivers that it’s simply not worth the risk of avoiding car insurance.

The “Gone in Seconds” campaign focuses on the knowledge that for many young drivers, their car is an important part of their social lives, giving them credibility and status among their friends. A 45 second video shows how uninsured drivers risk that status, and the power of the police to seize uninsured cars. 

National video, poster and social media coverage

As well as the video, which will be shown in cinemas in London, the Midlands and the North, billboard posters and a social media campaign aim to push the point home that uninsured drivers are unacceptable. There is also a Gone In Seconds website which describes the consequences and penalties of driving uninsured and gives tips to lower the cost of insurance.

Motor Insurers' Bureau poster

The MIB, which compensates victims of accidents with uninsured drivers, has seen a rise in the number of claims it receives each week.

Ashton West, Chief Executive at MIB says, “Every year, thousands of people are injured and killed by uninsured drivers. They pose a real threat to other motorists and road users. To address this, we are working proactively with police forces across the UK.”

2,500 vehicles seized each week

Police were granted the power to seize uninsured vehicles in 2005. The number of uninsured cars has reduced by 50% since then, but even now, police seize 2,500 uninsured vehicles each week, and one person is prosecuted for car insurance offences every 3 minutes.

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Released On 10th Sep 2015

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