A third of young drivers feel unprepared to deal with a crash

New research suggests that many 17 to 24 year old drivers feel inadequately prepared to deal with crash situations. Inexperience and emotional distress leave young drivers apprehensive about getting back in the car, nervous of driving alone and in some cases, put off driving altogether, according to a survey by Ingenie insurers.

When drivers don’t follow proper procedure after a crash, the consequences can affect their insurance claim.  For example, almost three-quarters of young drivers fail to obtain the other party’s contact details, 82% do not take any witness information and 71% forget to note the registration number of other vehicles involved. 

15% said they failed to take enough information about the other parties for their claim to be investigated properly.

Some drivers (around 10%) admitted forgetting to give their own details before leaving the scene of the accident, and 6% said they panicked and drove off without stopping at all.

Other mistakes that arise at the scene of a crash that could jeopardise drivers’ safety, include:

  • not putting on hazard warning lights
  • not turning off their engine

Young drivers more shaken up than older drivers

A crash can leave any driver feeling shaken and distraught, but while 40% of drivers over 25 reported emotional distress after a collision, the survey revealed that a massive 91% of younger drivers reported similar feelings. 

Admitting liability

Around one in five drivers find themselves admitting liability under pressure, even if the accident is not their fault.  This will impact any no claims bonus they’ve built up and may affect their renewal premium, too.

The research suggests that young drivers would benefit from covering car crash procedures more thoroughly during their training.

If you're unlucky enough to be involved in a crash and you're not sure on the correct procedure, read 4 Young Drivers’ guide for information about what to do after an accident

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Released On 10th Mar 2015

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