Caught on Camera – Crash for Cash Insurance Fraudster

The “crash for cash” scam is a type of insurance fraud which many argue is partly responsible for pushing up car insurance premiums across the UK in recent years. "Crash for cash" usually involves fake insurance claims for car damage and injuries when a criminal intentionally causes a crash by braking hard and without warning in the path of another vehicle.

Without reliable evidence it’s very hard for police to judge the true version of events alleged by either side. But in a rare case of justice being served, a haulier’s windscreen camera captured that evidence and prevented fraudsters getting away with a false insurance claim worth tens of thousands of pounds.

The camera footage shows the lorry travelling at a sensible fifty-five miles per hours on the inside lane of a motorway. A dark coloured car, carrying the insurance cheats (a driver and three passengers) swerves across the lane in front of the lorry driver, then brakes hard. With no warning and no room to manoeuvre, the lorry collides with the rear of the car.

The driver of the car attempted to claim whiplash injury compensation worth £75,000 for himself and his passengers.

Fortunately, this case was proved false by the haulier’s camera evidence, but in most cases it’s very difficult to disprove such allegations.

Fake claims cost the insurance industry £2 billion a year

According to financial reports, whiplash injury claims have risen by around 60% since 2006 and it’s thought by many insurance companies that up to 60% of those are false, costing the industry an additional £2 billion a year and adding approximately £90 to each policyholder’s annual premium.

4 Young Drivers is committed to offering low premiums to its policyholders; we welcome the government Transport Committee’s agreement that more robust measures should be put in place to confirm the truthfulness of a claim for whiplash injury.

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Released On 7th Nov 2013

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