New Car Alarm Design Could Bring Down Your Car Insurance

There seem to be many positive measures at the moment regarding help for drivers in keeping their car insurance premiums low avoiding accidents such as newly developed braking systems, tyres which are vigorously put through many tests including ones a high speed race track and good round vision for the driver. But new ideas seem to be coming in thick and fast, especially from Japan. A new multi-sensor alarm system is in development for cars.

You may think cars are already equipped with enough measures to help drivers avoid accidents - including excellent braking systems, tyres tested on racing circuits, and good all round vision.

Some of the functions include warning sounds or noises which alert the driver to impeding dangers ahead. Vibrating seats which turn on when the driver is too relaxed at the wheel or begins to fall asleep and the car drifts of course.

Although this alarm has the potential to save many lives, drivers should not be allowed to become complacent and reliant on technology to be there for them one hundred percent. The feeling is that these types of technology should be an accompaniment to the driver's ability to look out for themselves. There is a danger that possible loss of concentration would be one drawback.

On the whole enhanced safety in cars means fewer accidents, and should lead to lower motor insurance premiums all round.

Tags: Car Safety

Released On 15th Sep 2006

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