Speed Cameras Go Mobile

Police chiefs have started campaigning for laws to be relaxed on where mobile speed camera units can be placed. At present they can only be placed in areas where there is a history of accidents or deaths, under the new regulations they would be able to expand the areas which they can set up shop (yes, we think it's for profit as well).

If the new regulations are approved the police will be able to expand the areas in which they can set up by 20km, meaning that if there is a stretch of road that is near a blackspot they can go there.

Deaths have not gone down since the explosion in speed cameras and there must be better ways to educate drivers. At the moment speed cameras are just not effective.

They aren't an instant punishment. Very often the fine can take up to 6 weeks to appear, if you're going to punish someone, make it instant and the message will be more effective. Therefore we would like to see more actual police on the roads catching people. Send persistent offenders to talk to road traffic victims, there's no substitute for guilt to slow people down.

Either way, speed cameras have lost their efectiveness and people now see them as cash machines for the police rather than safety devices. Place them near schools by all means but keep them away from roads where there's no need for them.

Tags: Speed Limit, Speeding Endorsements

Released On 15th Sep 2006

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