Speeding Drivers Offered an Option

Certain police forces in the country have been offering "speeding courses" for drivers caught speeding in residential areas.

Instead of taking 3 points on their licenses some drivers are being given the option of attending these speeding classes that address some of the main reasons for speeding. It should be noted that not every force has one of these courses and they are only for "minor" speeding offences. If you get caught doing 70 in a 30 you're well and truly up the creek.

The class consists of some accident pictures that show a great deal of blood and what can happen to the human body in an accident. It also has a talk by a police officer and by a parent who has lost a child through speeding.

Many people speed believing that it is not hurting anyone. Unfortunately you only need to have a problem once and then the trouble begins. We know how easy it is to creep above the speed limit but there really is no excuse to speed in built up areas and around schools where there's a good chance that children could be playing.

Tags: Speed Limit, Speeding Endorsements

Released On 15th Sep 2006

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