Uninsured Drivers in Trouble

It seems that the government is finally considering doing something about uninsured drivers through tougher penalties and possible prison sentences for persistent offenders.

The trouble with the current system is that the sentencing is left up to the magistrates who seem to be erratic in their choices. While one person may get a £100 fine, another will get a ban, community service and a big fine.

We believe that at the moment many people do it because even when they caught and fined, the fine is usually less than a years premium. If the government started to make this fine significantly more than a years premium you would find that a lot of people would stop taking the chance.

It is also essential that you educate persistent offenders why you should pay for car insurance. Some offenders simply think their car is not worth insuring but they're missing the whole point of insurance.

Car insurance isn't there to protect you, it's there to protect others. If you knock someone down and they require care, your insurance pays for that, many people can't see past the price on their premium which needs to be addressed.

Hopefully much stiffer sentencing will come into play within the next few years because the number of uninsured drivers seems to be on the increase.

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Released On 15th Sep 2006

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