Virtual Driving brought to the classroom

Young people are being given the opportunity to hone their driving skills in a new computer-based brain-training package now offered in more than 200 schools. DriveiQ is an interactive learning device based around five basic modules:

Perception, Distractions, Eye Scanning, Anatomy of a crash and Seatbelts.

The software uses 3D technology to give learner drivers a virtual experience of driving in a variety of situations and weather from the safety of the classroom.

Recent figures for the Department of Transport show that over 36,000 young people aged between 17and 24 were involved in reported accidents in 2010. New drivers lack the experience of more established motorists and make poor driving decisions, leading to higher frequency of accidents, and increased motor insurance premiums.

The Drive iQ programme aims to mix computer based learning with tutorial sessions and group discussions to give young people time to consider the wider aspects of driving safety, such as how to handle disruptive passengers and plan a journey, before getting behind the wheel.

Better young driver skills lowers risk for insurers

Widely welcomed by schools, teens and parents, perhaps insurers will one day discount motor premiums on completion of Drive iQ within the curriculum, as is currently the case for the PassPlus. 

Tags: Driver Training, Learner Drivers, Young Driver Safety

Released On 23rd Mar 2012

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