Funny Motoring Stories

The world of car insurance isn't always as dry as you might imagine. We ensure you have a laugh with these amusing motoring stories from around the world.

Weird world motoring/insurance round-up:

( Miami , Florida , US ) :

Volkswagen have taken it upon themselves to offend members of ethnic groups stateside in their latest billboard ads. Hispanics in the Little Havana neighbourhood of Miami were said to be slightly aggrieved by the use of the word 'cojones' which accompanied the word turbo on the German manufacturers large sheet ads for the new 2006 Golf GTi.

Normally a throwaway line referring to 'boldness' and 'guts' when adopted for the English language, actually has somewhat more vulgar connotations when used in its native, Spanish tongue where its actually means testicles. Although receiving no complaints in either New York or Los Angeles , VW dropped its cajones ad with immediate effect. Sounds painful.

( Cologne Al Serio, Italy ) :

Police in the city of Cologne Al Serio , northeast of Milan had somewhat of a shock when routinely pulling over a car for dangerous driving, discovering as they did a completely naked woman who was said to have had been attempting to have sex with the driver. The 70 year old and her would-be lover, some 11 years her junior, were politely ordered to get dressed before police tested the driver to ascertain if he had been driving whilst under the influence.

Discovering he was in actual fact three times over the legal blood alcohol limit, Angelo D'Anardo, the city's police commander concluded "we assume they must have been drinking at lunch and then things got out of control". When pressed further on whether or not he thought the 'couple' were married he thought unlikely suggesting what we all know; "married people wouldn't probably do anything like this". To the letter of the law.

( Nuremburg , Germany ) :

A driver thought he'd pulled a masterstroke when stopped by the police on the A6 autobahn near Nuremburg in Germany for using his mobile phone. 45 year old Thomas Rutter's quick-wit resulted in him falsely claiming diplomatic immunity as an Austrian consul.

Not a people famed for their good humour, the police issued a £30 fine on the spot. However not entirely convinced they took him to court to prove his authenticity. A £207,000 court-increased fine later didn't turn out to be a laughing matter for Rutter, moving the German press to suggest it could have been the most expensive phone call ever.

( Denver , Colorado , US ) :

Greg Pringle has been sentenced to holding up a sign for four hours at a major intersection in the Denver borough of Westminster for using the High-Occupancy Vehicle lane with a passenger. Although not a crime in itself, it is when discovering his passenger Tillie was made out of stuffed casualwear and sported a semi-deflated balloon for a head. Reserved for cars with two or more people aboard, buses and motorcycles, they are not necessarily for the terminally mad with pretend friends; and therefore he was cited to have driven an unauthorised vehicle in this lane.

Pringle had painstakingly constructed his pseudo-passenger so he could use the high-occupancy lane and so make his journey quicker. For his sins he spent a chilly morning on highway 36 admitting his misdemeanour via a handwritten placard with Tillie. The judge pointed out that Tillie had done nothing wrong and that that should conclude the matter. Restoring our faith in the justice system.

( Brooklyn , New York , US ) :

It's not unheard of for those who occasionally 'get the munchies' to coin a phrase, to head for the nearest late-shop/garage forecourt. An America took this scenario one step further and decided he couldn't be bothered/too high to be bothered parking outside his local late night shopping mall, instead opting to drive into it. The clearly addled driver of a non-descript Ford Focus headed for the grocery store once inside the Brooklyn Giant Eagle according to witnesses, triggering widespread panic and dismay amongst women and shopping trolleys. One woman shopper had to immediately ditch her trolley to avoid the car. After much commotion the driver eventually came to a stop in the middle of the dairy section.

In-store Surveillance cameras and an off-duty fire-fighter armed with a home video camera caught the ensuing chaos which prosecutors hope will help to provide evidence in court. Although the odds are stacked heavily against the driver after he freely admitted to having "taken a variety of drugs all day long", according to Sgt David Miller. After results of a toxicology report are published, alongside of the findings from a psychiatric report, police confirmed they will charge the unnamed driver. would like to point out that not all insurance policies will necessarily cover instances like those highlighted above, and that its always best to check with your insurer beforehand to ensure that yours allows you to drive into malls, take imaginary friends for rides and get fresh with someone else's grandmother whilst behind the wheel. can insure you for most other types of cover however, so please call today to find out more.

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Released On 15th Sep 2006

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