Ford Escort Cosworth Insurance

There were many models of the Ford Escort marketed during its production in the UK with cars such as the XR3i and the RS Turbo becoming some of the most popular and highest performing cars of the 80's and the 90's. However there was one escort model that stood heads and shoulders above the rest and was the top spec escort on the market, let me introduce you to the Ford Escort Cosworth.

Stylish body...

The Ford Escort Cosworth is a car that became an icon on the roads up until the model was replaced by the Ford Focus.

It's covered from head to toe in a stylish body kit with what can only be described as a distinctive whale tail spoiler protruding from the back. The engine has a 1993cc capacity and of course has been highly tuned by Cosworth.

The Cosworth is renowned for its feisty performance with the engine producing 230 brake horse power. This 230bhp helps to propel the car to 137mph with a 0-60 mph time of 6.2 seconds.

Insurance costs

Unfortunately as with most high performance cars the insurance for the Escort Cosworth can be relatively expensive, especially for young drivers. This is because it falls into a high insurance group as it's a performance machine and carries a higher risk of theft. For example, the "RS Cosworth Monte 4WD 3d" and "RS 2000 4x4 3d" are in groups 40 and 32 respectively.

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