Gumball 3000

The seventh annual Gumball 3000 rally is set to get underway from Trafalgar Square on Saturday 14th May amidst warnings from police forces across Europe.

The infamous Gumball 3000, so called because of the 3000 miles that the cars will cover over the course, is currently in its seventh year. The organisers stress that this is a rally and not a race with cars simply travelling from London to Monaco in convoy with a time table to keep.

The rally will comprise of over 100 performance and classic cars taking part in a 3000 mile sprint across Europe. This rally is for the rich and famous with a price tag of £10,000 entry for a car consisting of two people. This price doesn't even cover the special personal insurance and car insurance the participants are required to have in order to take part. Maybe for this reason alone the rally attracts stars such as Quentin Tarantino, Jackass and Jamiroquai's Jay Kay along with hundreds of other entrants driving performance machines such as Ferrari's, Austin Martin's and Lamborghini's.

The cars will set off from Trafalgar Square at 1800 on Saturday and will take six days to complete the 3000 mile route crossing the finish line at Casino Square in Monaco on Friday 20th May.

The Gumballer's have developed a reputation since the phenomenon started seven years ago for disregarding certain rules of the road with a huge emphasis on speed. It must be noted that the organisers don't condone this act in any way and the conditions of entry clearly state that participants must comply with all the rules of the road for the country in which they are travelling. However this didn't stop participants in the rally racking up 500 speeding fines at a cost of over £50,000 in the 2004 Gumball 3000.

The fact that last years Gumballer's managed to rack up so many speeding fines has forced police across Europe to set down a warning to the Gumballers. UK police have warned the participants to behave and comply with all the road regulations for the UK stretch of the rally or face the consequences. These consequences could involve speeding fines and the addition of penalty points to driver's licences that could raise next year's performance car insurance premium.

If you are interested in finding out more about the rally the cars will be on display at Waterloo Place on Saturday 14th May from 11am until the start of the race at 6pm.

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