New Measures To Deter Uninsured Drivers

New measures released by the Motor Insurer's Bureau (MIB) to help crack down on uninsured drivers in the UK has been welcomed this month.

The UK has one of the highest uninsured driver's statistics in Europe with an estimate of over one million uninsured cars on the UK roads. However under a quarter of these drivers were detected and successfully prosecuted in 2004 which the MIB feels is not enough. They are hoping that these new measures to be imposed in the UK will help to raise this figure and help to deter drivers from using their vehicles without valid car insurance.

Clamping down on uninsured drivers

The new measures that are to be brought in to help clamp down on drivers without valid car insurance include:

Details - New legislation now means that the MIB can pass on a suspected uninsured driver's information to the police. This could result in the apprehension of many more drivers without up to date car insurance and lead to a dramatic increase in prosecutions.

Cameras - New camera technology already in use on the roads that can automatically check the validity of any car insurance could also help crack down on uninsured drivers.

Penalties - Plans to increase the penalties for driving without car insurance will also help in the fight against uninsured drivers. This will see an increase in the fines that can be issued and the crushing of uninsured drivers' vehicles in some instances.

New Technology - Finally the development of new technology such as the cameras already mentioned and specialised hand held equipment will act as vital tools for the police.

Basically the MIB wants to make it perfectly clear to all the drivers currently using the roads without valid car insurance that chances of evading detection are getting smaller.

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