The End Of Speed Cameras?

Some anti speed camera organisations were claiming that we could have seen a start to the end of fixed speed cameras on the UK roads after examinations of cameras in the West Midlands showed that some cameras could be undermining road safety.

The cameras in question were looked at under an audit that the government has ordered carried out on 6000 speed cameras around the country. Following the audit in the West Midlands the police have been removing cameras that either don't meet up to regulations brought in early in the year 2000 or ones that the police deemed unnecessary.

West Midlands police suggest that they are aware of the fact that cameras that fail to meet the standard 200 foot visibility can actually undermine road safety. They understand that panic breaking can cause accidents that lead to costly performance car insurance claims and injury. With this in mind the cross country audit should identify all cameras that are not visible to motorists 200 feet in advance. Once identified these cameras will be removed and hopefully reduce accidents and car insurance claims through panic braking.

West Midlands police hope that other forces will also follow their lead of reviewing and removing all unnecessary speed cameras in their areas. It is hoped that by doing this it may restore motorists faith in the fact that speed cameras are place on the roads as a safety issue and not just their to create revenue for the government.

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