Why students' car insurance can be expensive

There are a couple of reasons why insurance doesn’t come cheap for college or uni students:

  • Student drivers tend to be young and less experienced; statistically, they're involved in more accidents  

  • Colleges and universities are most often found in cities, which have higher levels of car crime, theft and vandalism.

How to get cheaper cover

  • Less expensive, lower powered cars are usually cheaper to insure. For more information about which car you may want to buy for more affordable premiums, read our article “What are the Best Second-Hand Cars for New Drivers?”.

  • Add extra security to your car if it’s parked in a vulnerable location. Examples include fitting an approved immobiliser and alarm if your vehicle doesn’t already have one. Reducing the risk of a theft claim can lower your premium. 

  • Third Party Fire & Theft insurance might be cheaper than Fully Comp, but remember that this does not cover the cost of repairs to your own vehicle

  • Take the PassPlus advanced driver training course to gain extra experience and skills. It could save you money on insurance.

  • Consider Telematics (also known as a Black Box). Your insurance premiums would be based on your driving performance, with premiums based on factors such as the number of journeys you make, the distance you travel, your speed and acceleration and many more factors. This can lead to cheaper insurance for some drivers.

  • Lower your mileage, especially if you don’t drive every day and mainly use it during the holidays. You might be able to reduce your costs if you restrict your annual mileage.

Are you at college or uni? We specialise in young drivers, helping students find affordable car insurance deals; if you’re in education, either full or part-time and trying to keep your overheads down, try getting a quote from us.

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