Speed Camera Detectors

Following a ruling in January 1998 speed camera detectors are now legal to use on the roads. There are many products out there for you to choose from and each have their advantages and disadvantages.

GPS Based Detectors(e.g. Road Angel)

This class of detectors uses a database containing locations of cameras and accident blackspots. They us GPS to plot your position and then warn you of any potential dangers.

- Will work with any kind of camera providing it is in the database
- Generally had other features such as what speed you are really doing etc
- Will warn you about accident blackspots.

- If the camera isn't in the database you won't get any warning
- Needs updating regularly to keep it relevant
- You won't be able to tell what cameras are active.

Radar Detectors

This class of detectors actually scan the areas around you for signals emitted by the various types of camera.

- Should pick up most cameras
- No need for a database which needs updating all the time
- You should be able to tell whether a camera is actually on.

- Can only pick up technology that it knows about, e.g. it may not pick up technology that is being used in 2 years time
- Can get lots of false warnings, particularly from petrol stations.

Laser Jammers

There is no question about these devices THEY ARE NOT LEGAL use them at your own risk.

They operate by emitting a field that will scramble laser guns used by the police, people have already been prosecuted for using these. We would not advise that you use one of these on the public roads.

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