Learner drivers to gain experience on motorways

Laws on motorway driving are set to change in 2018, allowing learner drivers in England, Scotland and Wales to gain valuable motorway experience before passing their test, the government has announced.  

Currently, only qualified drivers can drive on motorways but the new rules will enable approved driving instructors to conduct lessons in dual-controlled cars.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling said, “Allowing learners to drive on motorways in a supportive environment will help them develop a practical understanding of how to use motorways safely before driving independently.”

Lack of experience makes new drivers avoid motorways

Having repeatedly drawn attention to how unprepared new drivers feel for life behind the wheel, 4 Young Drivers welcomes the change. One study we described in August 2017 showed that 38% didn’t feel ready for motorway driving, while a survey we reported on in 2013 indicated that 48% of new drivers avoided motorway driving altogether. 

Newly qualified drivers do have access to the Pass Plus course, a six-hour course which includes some motorway practice, but figures show that only 3% of new drivers take up this option.  

The latest rule changes should help learner drivers gain the skills and confidence they need before they have to cope on their own, improving safety and reducing accidents. 

The Approved Driving Instructors Association, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the RAC and the British School of Motoring all approve the government’s decision. 

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Released On 8th Nov 2017

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