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Teen Driver Safety

If you are the parents of a teenager who has recently started driving, a new era of worry has probably begun for you. As your child begins on this new path of independence, helping them stay safe beh... Read More

Preparing for Winter Driving

Now that we're coming into the winter months (when did we have a summer?) it's time to start preparing for the freezing mornings, snow, ice and pouring rain. Depressed yet? We'd l... Read More

Securing Your Car

If you buy a brand new car these days you'll probably find that it comes with an alarm/immobiliser fitted as standard, and of course this is good news. However, an unfortunate side... Read More

Number Plates To Be Checked

Have you got a personalized number plate with some quality graphics on it? Well you'd better be ready for the upcoming police crackdown on number plates that don't conform to the UK regulatio... Read More
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