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Comprehensive insurance gives you the most cover for your vehicle, so it's what most drivers aim for. Not every young driver wants the same comprehensive policy though, so 4 Young Drivers gives you quotes for a choice of products: Black Box (Telematic) insurance or non-Black Box insurance

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What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance is the most wide-ranging level of cover, covering damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident or vandalism, as well as fire and theft cover, plus of course your liability to third parties should you cause damage or injury to another driver or their property.

Sometimes, comprehensive car insurance is as cheap to buy as other levels of cover, so it's always worth getting a quote for comparison. 

What does it cover?

Third party damages Yes (damage to other people's cars and property)
Theft Yes
Fire Yes
Accidental damage Yes
Malicious damage Yes 
Windscreen cover Yes
Protected NCB Yes (optional, at an extra cost)

Every insurer has different restrictions and every policy has different features so make sure you are familiar with the features, benefits, restrictions and exclusions of your insurance by reading the policy wording. Fully comprehensive insurance doesn't necessarily mean that you are covered for everything.

Check with your insurer if you have any special requirements.

Protected No Claims Bonus

Generally, protected No Claims Bonus is only available if you have over 4 years of NCB. It is an optional benefit that you can choose to add to your insurance - most commonly at the inception or renewal of your policy. There is usually an extra charge to add No Claims Bonus Protection to your car insurance. 

Please note: protecting your no claims bonus doesn't mean you can have as many accidents as you like. Generally you are restricted to one claim and then your no claims bonus will be affected. 

Some companies offer over 25s guaranteed NCB which does allow you to have multiple claims without it affecting your NCB. If you require this level of protection, be sure to ask about it when arranging your insurance.