If you're a young driver, you probably have lots of questions about car insurance. Don't worry, we've got plain English answers to make the whole topic easy to understand! Click on an article below for more information. 

Should I insure my car in my parents' name?

For a young driver, having just passed your driving test, finding the money to insure your first car may seem an impossible task. Arranging for your parents to insure your car, with you as a named driver, may seem like a sensible move, financially; this article explains why this is not a good idea. 

Can I drive my parents' car without insurance if I have their permission?

If your parents' car is insured, and they give you permission to drive their car, what's the problem? Find out why not only you but your parents could be in trouble with the law if you're not properly insured to drive their car.

Should I choose black box or non-black box insurance? 

Black box insurance (or telematics insurance as it’s also known) can be a good way for young drivers to reduce premiums in their first few years on the road. So why is there still such a high demand for traditional, non-black box policies? Is it a good choice for everyone?

Learn about the pros and cons of black box insurance before you decide which type of policy is right for you.

Am I insured for driving other cars?

Sometimes, but not every insurer gives this cover. If you absolutely need to drive a car that is not specifically named on your insurance policy, this article provides more information.

How does the no claims bonus system work?

The topic can seem pretty complicated if you’re new to insurance. We’ll try to answer your questions about the no claims bonus system in this article.

Buying a Car - Advice for Young Drivers

Whether you're buying your first car or fifth car, it's always a good idea to follow these steps. 

What Happens After an Accident if you have Third Party Insurance?

You may not be covered for repairs to your own vehicle, but Third Party cover is essential to protect you against other people's claims.