Insurance for Driving Other Cars

If you occasionally need to drive a vehicle that isn’t specifically named on your policy, you’ll need to ensure you take out insurance that includes cover for driving other cars.

You should not assume that all Comprehensive policies provide this cover, as it can vary from one insurer to another.

This wasn’t always the case. Third party cover for driving other cars, with the owner’s permission, used to be included with most Comprehensive insurance policies. However, this benefit is now much less widely available, partially due to the rise in fraudulent insurance claims, and many insurance companies have done away with it altogether.

Young drivers should be especially careful to read the small print, as under 25s may find it difficult to get cover for driving other vehicles.

If you’re a young driver in this category and you really do need to drive someone else’s car, other options might be to have yourself added as a named driver on their policy for a short time, or take out separate temporary insurance cover.

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