Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance

Third Party, Fire & Theft is a popular level of cover among young drivers. It can be cheaper than Comprehensive (though not always - do get a quote for both, as you might be surprised how little difference there is!).

Third Party, Fire & Theft is often a good option for older, low value cars that wouldn't be worth repairing if they had anything other than very minor damage in an accident. 

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We do not recommend this level of cover for a high value, new car, but it might be suitable for older cars and cars that are not in good condition.

It could be a good option if you're a convicted driver or have penalty points and want to keep the cost of your insurance down.

What it covers

Third party damages Yes
Theft Yes
Fire Yes
Accidental damage No
Malicious damage No
Windscreen cover No
Protected NCB Not standard - optional extra cost

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