Fronting – What is Car Insurance Fronting?

Fronting is a form of car insurance fraud. It happens when a driver gives an insurance company false information, claiming to be the main driver on an insurance policy when they are not.

The object of fronting is to obtain a lower premium for a higher risk driver (for example a young driver or perhaps a driver with convictions) by adding them as an occasional named driver to the policy, when in fact they are the main driver or owner of the vehicle. A study in 2015 suggests that one in ten parents may be fronting their children's car insurance.

The insurance premium is based largely on the person fronting the policy, in this case, the lower risk driver.

Fronting often comes to light when a claim is submitted. The insurance company may then refuse to pay part or all of the claim and could cancel the entire insurance policy.

The driver may face prosecution for fraud, which could lead to a criminal record and difficulty obtaining insurance in future.

Lack of understanding

Sometimes fronting is not a deliberate attempt to break the law, but flows from a lack of understanding about how insurance works. Parents sometimes front an insurance policy for a child to save them money on insurance, not realising they are doing anything wrong.

The best way forward

It’s understandable that young drivers are keen to find ways to reduce their premium. 4 Young Drivers’ advice is to always have an insurance policy in your own name if you are the main driver of a car.

4 Young Drivers can help you find the right policy for your needs, and after the first year you’ll have started to grow your own no claims bonus. From this point you’ll start to make significant savings on your premiums each year.

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