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Congratulations on passing your driving test! We’ve teamed up with Marmalade to offer annual telematics (black box) policies to help make car insurance for new drivers more affordable.

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  • No premium increase once you pass your driving test and become a full licence holder
  • No restrictive night-time curfews
  • Black box technology – review your journeys and driving skills
  • Instant cover – no need to wait for a black box to be fitted to start driving

We know you can’t wait to get out on the road on your own, so if you’ve recently passed your test or you’re still learning, get a quote and see how much you could save on your first car insurance.

What it covers

  • Available for 17 to 24-year-olds
  • Provisional or full licence holders  
  • For vehicles up to 1.4cc engine size only
  • Cover for vehicles up to 9 years old
  • Drivers must be accident and conviction free
  • A parent or guardian must be a named driver on the policy

Why is car insurance more expensive for new drivers?

It’s going to take a while to build on your new qualification and gain experience behind the wheel. This makes first time drivers a higher risk for insurers, hence the higher premiums.

The good news is, our black box policies for new drivers offer excellent value and you’ll be earning your own no claims bonus from day one.

What is Black Box Insurance?

A small device called a black box will be fitted to your car. It will transmit your driving data back to the insurer and then be used to calculate your insurance cost. Some examples of data that might be used are:

  • Driving performance (such as speed, acceleration, braking and cornering)
  • Number of trips
  • Distance
  • Time of day

This can lead to cheaper car insurance for some new drivers because your premium will be based on your driving style rather than general statistics.

Some tips for first time drivers

Pass Plus driver training

Pass Plus is a practical training course which aims to improve a driver’s skills and safety. It’s ideal if you’re gaining experience in the first year after passing their test, and may help you to secure a discount on your insurance.

Don’t risk being uninsured

Although car insurance for new drivers can seem expensive, the alternative if you’re caught driving without it could result in steep penalties such as a large fine, court proceedings, a criminal record and having your vehicle seized and destroyed. The temptation simply isn’t worth the risk.

Should you have your own insurance policy?

New drivers often have permission to drive a parent’s car occasionally – if this describes you, you might consider being insured as an additional driver under their insurance.

Whilst this is an option, putting off the time when you start earning a no claims bonus in your own name (and saving money) is only delaying the inevitable.

If you’re more than just an occasional driver on your parents’ car (i.e. you are the main driver), or you have already bought a car of your own, you must take out the insurance in your own name.

Pretending that a parent is the main driver of your car to get a lower premium is a type of insurance fraud "Fronting". That's an offense which will invalidate your insurance policy and possibly lead to a criminal record.

We've written more about fronting and when you should insure a car in your own name here.

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