Car insurance without a black box

The affordable route to a more traditional policy for young drivers.

There are lots of reasons why a young driver might prefer a more traditional car insurance policy, without a black box. Non-black box insurance could be the right choice for some new drivers, so it's definitely worth getting a quote - you could find it's a more affordable option and you'll have a policy with fewer restrictions.

4 Young Drivers works with a range of specialist insurance providers, so if you want great cover with flexible payment options, why not get a quote? It's really quick and easy!

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Are you better off with or without a black box?

It depends; by and large, more careful drivers with lower risk factors can make good savings with black box insurance. On the other hand, if you've got a few bad driving habits, or present a higher risk, car insurance without a telematics box might be a better option.

Learn more about the pros and cons of black box insurance, but why not get a quote for both to compare costs? It's free, it's fast - what have you got to lose?

Got convictions? You can still get a quote!

Traditional policies without a black box can sometimes be more cost-effective for drivers considered to be a higher risk. Our experience in this market means we can often get the best deals for hard-to-cover young drivers. So if you have motoring or non-motoring convictions, our non-black box policies could be a good option for you.

Common convictions we can quote for are:

  • Speeding
  • Drink or drug driving
  • Mobile phone offences
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving bans

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Insurance with no black box for sports car owners

A policy without a telematics box might also be a good choice if you’re a young driver with a high performance car or sports car. If you’re under 25 with a fast car, we can secure good rates for you.

We welcome enquiries for coupés, convertibles and hot hatches. Save yourself hours of trawling the internet and get a quote now.

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We also offer black box insurance

It's important to us that you have choices, so we'll help guide you to the policy that's right for you. Learner drivers and young drivers who have recently passed their test might prefer a quote for black box / telematics insurance. 

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