Illegal Speed Camera Spray Causes Controversy

Drivers often land here after searching for products which might disguise, distort or outright hide their number plate from speed or police cameras. Before you go off and buy one of the many sprays or films on the market, read this article, save yourself a lot of grief and maybe some money, too.

Attempting to hide or disguise your number plate is illegal

The law states that

“Number plates should show your vehicle registration number correctly. You can’t rearrange letters or numbers, or alter them so that they’re hard to read.”

This clearly rules out trying to hide or disguise your number plate using these types of reflective sprays or films. Offenders can be fined up to £1,000. Other likely consequences are your car failing its MOT, penalty points on your licence and having to pay higher premiums for car insurance.

Do they even work?

The idea is that these products leave a reflective coating on the number plate that's invisible to the naked eye but will reflect a flash from speed cameras.

One small problem: laser operated cameras aren't hampered at all by number plate-disguising products as they don't use any kind of flash. Even on other types of camera, the police, as you might imagine in the 21st century, have a few technical tricks up their sleeve, applying filters which can enhance the image to make it readable again. 

These products can also fade or be washed away over time, so their effectiveness is time-limited at best; you'll know when your number's up (if you'll pardon the pun), when the fine and a demand to endorse your licence drops through your door.

Why do we care?

The resulting points on your licence can make it much more difficult to find affordable car insurance. We can help with that - we specialise in helping drivers in tricky situations - but there's no denying that fewer insurers will consider you. Wouldn't you rather leave your options wide open?

4 Young Drivers specialises in non-standard car insurance, so if you have a poor driving history and penalty points on your licence, try us for your next insurance quote.

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