High Risk Car Insurance

We want to make life easier for you, so we welcome enquiries from young drivers for high risk car insurance.

Who is a high risk driver?

Young drivers under 25, drivers with high performance and sports cars or drivers with convictions might all be considered a high risk by some insurance companies. If you live in certain postcode areas, or are employed in particular occupations, you should also contact us.

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Young Drivers

Young drivers have less experience on the roads and statistics show they sometimes have more expensive accidents, which makes them a higher risk category. We have a wide panel of insurers with experience of young drivers, so we can help you find the best quote very quickly.

High Performance & Sport Cars

Some insurers assume that owners of high performance sports cars will drive too fast and recklessly. In our experience, though they are potentially a higher risk, these dream cars are often cherished and driven with as much care as any other car. Read more about Sports Car Insurance.

Convicted drivers and drivers with endorsements

If you've been unlucky enough to accrue a few points on your licence it can often be difficult to obtain cheap insurance. Whether you have a mobile phone (CU80) or drink driving (DR10) endorsement, we are happy to quote for drivers in your situation.

Drivers in high risk postcodes

You can't help where you live, yet many drivers find it very difficult to find reasonably priced insurance because of their postcode. The highest risk areas are often found in cities such as London and Birmingham, where higher levels of traffic can lead to more road traffic accidents and vehicle crime.

Drivers in high risk jobs

Your occupation can put you in a higher risk insurance category: bookmakers, journalists, pub landlord, bar or club owners are a few examples of drivers in high risk jobs. We'll help you find the best quote if this affects you.

We're happy to quote 

4 Young Drivers doesn't make the same assumptions as some other insurers. Come to us for a quote and you'll be pleasantly surprised - we'll help you find a competitive premium and great cover.

By making sure that car insurance is available to all drivers at competitive prices we can help to curb uninsured motorists on the road. And that drives the cost of insurance down for everyone!

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