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Car insurance for teens & young drivers

Save money on your teenager's car insurance - at 4 Young Drivers it's what we specialise in, so we can quickly help your teen find a cheaper quote for the cover they need. We’ve teamed up with Marmalade to provide an annual telematics (black box) policy.

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We understand how hard it is for teenagers. Whether you’re still learning to drive or just passed your test, insurance at that age can be expensive. Until you have a bit more experience under your belt, you’re seen as a much higher risk.

Statistically, this is true – unfortunately this age group does have more accidents. Luckily, 4 Young Drivers has access to a wide range of insurers willing to look at teen drivers as individuals rather than a statistic, so we can find the cheapest insurance policy in a fraction of the time it would take you to trawl the internet yourself.

What's the cost of teenage driver insurance?

Unfortunately there's no average cost for teenage driver insurance. It very much depends on the risk factors and these can vary from person to person. But use the quote button to get a no obligation quote that takes just a few minutes.

What risks make teenage driver insurance more costly?

Insurance companies take various factors into account, including your age (i.e. whether you're 17, 18 or 19), how long you've been driving, whether you have a clean driving licence, the type of car you are insuring and the area you live in.

What's the best car for teenagers to insure?

Any car which poses a lower risk of an accident or less of a temptation to thieves will be cheaper to insure. So choose a car with a good safety rating (newer cars have better ratings, if you can afford one), a smaller engine and good environmental credentials. Avoid fast, sporty cars, cars that are expensive to repair and cars that are often targeted by thieves.

How to Get a Lower Premium

If you’ve recently passed your test, you can take part in the PassPlus scheme. PassPlus is a practical training course aimed at helping newly qualified drivers develop their driving skills and drive more safely.

Insurers recognise that teenage drivers who complete PassPlus are committed to driving responsibly and this may help you to get a discount.

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