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We appreciate it can often be difficult for convicted drivers to find car insurance. We specialise in getting the best deals for hard-to-cover drivers, so if you have motoring or non-motoring convictions, get in touch with us for help to find an affordable insurance policy.

We can often obtain cheaper car insurance for young drivers who have:

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Why is insurance so expensive for convicted drivers?

Statistically, young drivers are more prone to convictions than older drivers with more experience. Even minor convictions can mark you as a higher risk to an insurer because you are deemed more likely to be involved in an accident and make a claim. This can make it difficult for a convicted young driver to get insurance at all.

4YoungDrivers has been specialising in non-standard insurance for years now; our contacts with many leading companies means we can often find cheaper insurance for convicted drivers.

What convictions must you declare to an insurer?

It’s not only driving convictions which must be declared when you apply for car insurance. You must be open about any “unspent” criminal convictions. Not doing so could invalidate your insurance in the event of making a claim.

A conviction becomes spent and can be ignored after a certain period, the length of which depends on your sentence. This government document provides details about The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and tells you when your conviction is deemed spent.

After this time you can ignore your conviction and don’t need to mention it when you contact an insurance company.

How convicted drivers can get lower insurance

Once you’ve found an insurer willing to cover you there are a few options for convicted drivers to lower their insurance

Higher Insurance Excess

The excess is the portion of an insurance claim which the insured must pay themselves. There is usually a compulsory excess set by the insurance company themselves but a convicted driver can sometimes reduce their premium by offering to pay a higher, voluntary excess. Be realistic though; don’t agree to have an excess that’s so high that you wouldn’t be able to pay it in the event of a claim.

Lower Mileage

Drivers with higher annual mileage often pay higher premiums. Convicted drivers might be able to reduce their car insurance if they restrict their annual mileage.

Black Box

You may want to consider installing a black box (also known as telematics), which can lead to cheaper insurance for some drivers. Your insurance costs would depend on:

  • How many journeys you make
  • How far you drive
  • Your speed, acceleration and braking
  • And more

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