Essential Information for Learner Drivers

We've got a great short-term insurance policy for learner drivers which means you can practice in your own car or a friend or parent's car with a suitable supervisor (and it won't affect your friend or parent's no claims bonus if you have a prang!). Discover the benefits or get a quote right away!

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There's a lot of new information to take in when you're learning to drive. We've answered your most frequently asked questions about insurance for learner drivers.

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Do learner drivers have to be insured?

Yes, one way or another, whether that's through your driving instructor's own insurance, your parents' if you practice in their car, or a policy of your own. It's the law.

Do you need your own insurance if you're learning to drive with an instructor?

If you've signed up for a course of driving lessons with an approved instructor and will only be driving their car, your driving instructor is responsible for insuring the car and his student drivers.

Insurance for learner drivers in their own car

You'll probably want to practice your driving skills at other times, away from your driving instructor - perhaps you already have your own car or your parents are willing for you to practice in theirs. In these circumstances you will either need to have your own  learner driver insurance policy or be insured as an occasional named driver of your parents' vehicle on their policy.

It's probably a good idea to take out insurance in your own name if you have your own car as you will immediately start to build up your own no claims bonus. At the end of the day it's the fastest way to start reducing your annual insurance premium. Beware of "fronting" - you could invalidate your cover by being a named driver on someone else's policy if you're the main driver.

Learner driver insurance and private land

It's a misconception that if you drive on private land with a provisional licence you don't need insurance. This is only true if you have a right to use private land to which the general public does not have access (e.g. via a footpath or bridleway). If the private land is not totally exclusive to your own use, you must be insured and be supervised, just like any other provisional licence holder.

What's the cost of learner driver insurance?

That will depend on a number of factors, such as your age, the type of car you drive and where you live. 

Temporary & Short Term Learner Driver Insurance

If you are taking an intensive course of driving lessons, or gaining experience on the road before your test, you may only require short-term or temporary cover. Our learner driver insurance provide flexible cover from one week to 6 months. 

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Annual Policies 

If you are taking a more leisurely approach to passing your test (or just having some bad luck!), don’t worry – annual insurance policies for provisional licence-holders are also an option.

Being young and inexperienced needn't mean that car insurance is sky-high! Whatever type of insurance you need while you’re learning to drive, we can help you find affordable quotes.

What happens with my insurance after I pass my driving test? 

You should let us know as soon as you pass your driving test and no longer need learner driver insurance. 

If you already have your own car, we'll talk to you about taking out a New Driver insurance policy. If you don't you'll need to ensure you're named as a driver on any other car you drive, such as your parents' car.

Insurance for learner drivers with points and convictions

Ask us for an insurance quote if you're a learner driver with points or convictions. 4 Young Drivers can often obtain rates for drivers in such circumstances.

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