Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

Sadly, statistics show that road accidents are the number one cause of death among teenagers. We have written a series of articles to help raise awareness of the risks and help parents work with their teenage children to keep them safer in those early years of driving:

In some countries, new drivers are restricted for a year or so after passing their test to reduce the risk of an accident while they gain some experience (known as Graduated Driver Licensing). Although proposals to this effect have been suggested in the United Kingdom, at present there is no requirement for young drivers to have any other kind of supervision or training after the test.

Use our driving contract template to agree the rules

While we wait for the various road safety organisations and the government to come to an agreement on this, why don’t you and your teenager enter into a voluntary agreement to help them avoid the danger zones? Click on the link below to download and print the agreement template we've created.

Voluntary Driving Agreement for Parents & Young Drivers

There must be compromise and incentives on both sides for this to work; for example, in exchange for abiding by certain conditions, you might agree that your child can use the family car or you might offer financial support if they have their own car. Your child must agree to forfeit your support (or use of the car) if they break the rules.

Make up your own parent-teen driving agreement or use our Downloadable template as a starting point.