Car insurance for banned drivers

4 Young Drivers can help you find an affordable quote for car insurance if you’re returning to driving after a disqualification (BA10 to BA60 conviction codes).

With many years’ experience of quoting for non-standard policies, our panel of insurers includes those who will quote for banned drivers.

How a driving ban will affect your insurance

Do I have to inform my insurance company of a driving ban?

Yes. Your policy requires you to disclose important information like this if it arises during the period of your insurance.

My driving ban has finished – do I have to tell a new insurance company?

Until your conviction becomes “spent”, yes, you must inform any insurer you approach for a quote. Their quote is based in part on your driving history; not to disclose unspent convictions could invalidate any insurance you take out.

Will a driving ban make insurance more expensive?

A driving disqualification is likely to affect your insurance premium. Some insurers won’t cover you at all, and others will load the premium. As 4 Young Drivers has experience of this type of cover, we can save you time finding the most affordable deals.