Car Insurance after a Drug Driving Conviction

A conviction for driving under the influence of drugs is likely to affect the cost of your car insurance. You may even find that some insurers are not willing to insure you at all, but we're going to help you get back on the road following a drug driving conviction.

In the same way that drivers with drink driving convictions turn to us for help finding cover, 4 Young Drivers can also help people with drug driving convictions find affordable car insurance. We specialise in non-standard quotes for all driving convictions and can obtain rates from a range of insurers willing to provide you with cover, whatever your circumstances.

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About drug driving

It's not only illegal banned substances that could result in a conviction – even prescribed or over the counter medications could result in a prosecution if they impair your driving ability.

The government has introduced limits on a variety of both illegal and prescribed drugs. If you are taking medication, check with your GP that you will be able to drive safely within the limits.

Drugs with limits

Prescription drugs with limits

Illicit drugs with limits

Clonazepam Benzoylecgonine
Diazepam Cocaine
Flunitrazepam Cannabis and cannabinol
Lorazepam Ketamine
Methadone LSD
Morphine Methylamphetamine
Oxazepam MDMA – ecstasy
Temazepam Heroin and diamorphine

The penalties for drug driving are:

  • a minimum 1 year driving ban
  • a fine of up to £5,000
  • a criminal record
  • a prison sentence if you cause a death

Until your conviction is spent, you must declare it to an insurance company when you get a quote. If you are already insured you should tell your present insurer as soon as possible.

Drug driving endorsement codes

DG10 Driving or attempting to drive with drug level above the specified limit
DG40 In charge of a vehicle while drug level above specified limit
DG60 Causing death by careless driving with drug level above the limit
DR80 Driving or attempting to drive when unfit through drugs
DR90 In charge of a vehicle when unfit through drugs

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If you have different types of convictions, 4 Young Drivers can help you find insurance. read more about convicted driver insurance.