Third Party Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Third Party Car Insurance is the lowest level of insurance, providing the minimum legal cover to protect other drivers and road users. It doesn't cover damage to or theft of your car.There are still some circumstances where the option of Third Party car insurance might be suitable for young drivers, though.

  • If your car is very old and of low value, Third Party cover might be a suitable alternative to Third Party, Fire and Theft or Comprehensive insurance. Be aware though, that in the event of any accident or damage at all, a car like this is more likely to be a write-off and you'll have no car and no reimbursement to help you buy another
  • Third Party insurance could also be an option for you if you drive very few miles or very infrequently
  • Car insurance for young drivers is often a big expense, so if you are absolutely desperate to keep costs down as low as possible, Third Party insurance could be the answer until you can afford a better level of cover.

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You can upgrade your insurance to Third Party, Fire and Theft or Comprehensive insurance as soon as you can afford to.

What it covers

Third party damages Yes 
Theft No
Fire No
Accidental damage No
Malicious damage No
Windscreen cover No
Protected No Claims? Yes (optional for an extra cost)

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